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Atlanta Estate Jewelry Sales: Which Items are the Most Valuable? 5 Go-to Tips


Beautiful, rare, and unique Atlanta estate jewelry is not an uncommon find at Georgia estate sales. Depending on what era or decade a piece is from, it can be considered antique, collectible, or vintage jewelry.

Do you attend estate sales in Georgia on the hunt for fine jewelry? Were you bestowed an estate in the Atlanta area? Are you moving due to a divorce, and/or downsizing your lifestyle? From a seller’s point of view, you may need or want to sell expensive jewelry. This can be an exciting adventure.

Whatever your situation is, Atlanta estate jewelry is most likely worth a lot to someone else, especially antique jewelry. It’s important to know the exact value of expensive jewelry, whether you are looking to sell it or buy it. Find out which pieces are the most valuable and why.

Atlanta Estate Fine Jewelry

  1. Look for brand marks.

Most high-quality jewelry will have distinct markings identifying the company.

  • Markings are usually found on the inside or bottom of a piece, an earring post or necklace clasp (such as Tiffany & Co. or Cartier).
  • If there is no clasp marking, it’s probably costume jewelry. For example, Coco Chanel, Monet, Trifari, and Wiess are examples of high-end costume jewelry. 
  1. Look for metal/purity markings.

Many metals look the same. Real metals will have markings showing the type of metal and purity content.

  • Gold
  • “GF” or “HGP” will be stamped signifying gold-plated, not pure gold.
  • Real gold will have a number followed by the letter “K” or “karat.” For example, 14K, 18Karat, 24K.
  • For 10K gold, there might be a “.417” stamp, meaning it is 41.7% gold.
  • For 14K gold, there could be a “.585” stamp, meaning it is 58.5% gold.
  • For 18K gold, there may be a “.750” stamp, showing its purity of 75% gold.
  • Sterling silver
  • “Sterling” will be stamped on the piece.
  • In addition, there might be a “.925” stamp, meaning the silver is 92.5% silver.
  • Gold-plated sterling silver is still worth value and should be marked “Vermeil.”
  • Platinum
  • “Plat” or “Platinum” will be stamped for real platinum.
  1. Look for real stones. 
  • Costume jewelry does not have real stones or diamonds.
  • Jewelry that isn’t real gold or silver will not have real stones (will be crystal or high-quality plastic).
  • To determine if a diamond is real, breathe on it. Real diamonds do not retain heat, therefore will not fog up. Fake diamonds, such as cubic zirconia, fog up.
  • Cultured pearls are considered organic gemstones, which are fine jewelry.

Don’t have a jeweler’s loop? Many markings cannot be found without this.

Atlanta Estate Jewelry

  1. Look for color streaks and clear detail.
  • If you see any green, this is a sign of low value.
  • Also, inspect the back or bottom of a piece. Look closely at the design details. Does it look sloppy or are colors running together? This is a sign of cheap jewelry. On the other hand, if there is clear detail, this is a sign of higher quality.
  • High-valuable pieces will have rings or links fused together.
  1. Test your Jewelry

Many older pieces such as antique jewelry will be missing markings. There are different tests to determine the value of different pieces.

  • Ceramic test
  • Jewelry that leaves a black mark on an unglazed ceramic plate is not real gold. It is either gold-plated or fake. Real gold will leave a gold streak.
  • Magnet test
  •  Gold and silver are not magnetic.
  •  Although, gold-plated means there is metal underneath. If you hold a magnet and it sticks, this shows the piece or not real gold or silver.
  • Earring posts, chains, clasps, and other parts can be steel and will be magnetic, but the actual piece can still be real gold or silver.
  • Unfortunately, brass, copper, and other base metals are not attracted to magnets.
  • Skin test (The most obvious test)
  • Does wearing this piece of jewelry turn your skin green, cause irritation or redness? Real gold and silver will not do this.
  • The Vinegar test
  • Place a few drops of white vinegar onto metal jewelry. If the metal changes color where the vinegar is, it is not real gold or silver. Pure gold and silver will remain the same.

Jewelry Estate Sale Help

Selling your Atlanta estate jewelry can be a difficult decision or a weight off your back. Buying estate jewelry can be a thrilling ride or an overwhelming task. Even if you’ve done your research, it’s always best to get professional support.

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