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Atlanta Estate Sale: Deciding What to do with your Belongings Before the Big Day


Sorting through and organizing decades of memories engrained in hundreds of items in your home is a lot of work. One Atlanta estate sale company gives their expert advice on what to keep, what to get rid of, and exactly how to do it when you’re downsizing and moving.

Estate sale companies have years of experience with categorizing antique and vintage goods, pricing, staging, and selling. Plus, they promise a quick moving and clearing out of farm estates and estate homes. Most importantly, estate liquidators are certified and licensed estate professionals.

Selling a house is one thing, but with a large estate property, it is time to get help from professionals for a perfectly smooth transition. Let’s look at exactly how to do this.

Atlanta Estate Sale Help

  1. Save Efficiently and Know What to Keep

It is difficult to put yourself in the mentality of critical situations, but it is necessary when deciding what is most important in your life and home. Thinking about your needs in emergencies will help you realize what matters most to you.

  • If you were to be robbed, which items would need to be replaced? Which things would you request the police take the effort into finding/tracking down?
  • In the event of your home having a fire, what possessions would need saving?
  • What items would your family require for survival in the case of a national crisis?

Asking yourself or loved one these hard questions will help you begin the process of sorting and organizing. Decide what belongings to keep to save time. If you need to put items in storage, you will also save money using less storage space, especially with bulky items such as furniture.

  1. Protect Important Documents

Keep all vital documents in one folder such as bonds, licenses, records, wills, or other papers. Hide this folder away in a place where you will remember. For extra protection, make copies for family members and give to them in case of an emergency. Also, a good idea is to give valuable family heirlooms to relatives instead of donating them.

If you decide to sell any electronics in a home or online auction, make sure to wipe the items of all personal information and save to a hard drive or memory chip.

  1. Decide what to Donate and What to Sell

Sometimes items you think are valuable and worth a lot of money, are not worth anything to others. Estate liquidators have the skill to identify what can give you money and what is worthless with only sentimental value to you.

Estate Sale Companies Atlanta

As a premier Georgia LLC, Maple Street Estates Atlanta estate sale company has a team to help guide you through the process of selling your most valuable possessions. Don’t let the precious lasting memories you’ve accumulated over the years turn into a burden. We service the entire Atlanta area including the areas below.

Not only does Maple Street help with estate homes, but we can take care of absolute business liquidation. Check out our complete estate seller services.

If you are interested in attending one of our Atlanta estate sales, you can stay up to date here. Are you interested in our sale features? Look at our buyer services.

Contact Maple Street Estates today to get the help you need in organizing your valuables and preparing for the future.

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