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Estate Sale Companies in Georgia: Services and More


Throughout Georgia, estate sale companies are busy and booming. Atlanta is the proud home to sprawling countryside acreage, farm and suburban estates, and gorgeous city manors.

Are you selling an estate you inherited or downsizing? Do you want to buy a piece of a beautiful estate property for your family? What about an exciting new hobby of buying antiques, collectibles, and vintages goods at estate sales?

Whatever your current and next adventure is, there is a plethora of professional estate sale services available to you. The experts at Maple Street Estates are at your fingertips to guide you along your journey.

Professional Estate Sales Atlanta

Seller Services

Thanks to dedicated estate sale companies, Georgia has a variety of services equipped to do everything for you. To start, estate liquidation offers a free consultation to come view your beautiful estate home and start the process of what you want sold.

In addition, services and tools to properly market your estate are available. Posted signs, social media, and other advertising allows interested buyers immediate notice on the details of your sale.

Next, your home is staged, with as little or as much of your assistance you want to give. The day of sale parking, traffic, and security is all managed by the estate sale team. All belongings you intend to sell are properly researched and priced to optimize profit, including vehicles and other large items.

While estate companies take a portion of the profits, much more can be sold with an estate company hosting the sale for you. Additional services of completely clearing out your home are available as well.

Buyer Services

Atlanta estate sales normally last a few days to a week. It is very rare that all items of a sale are sold within the first day. Experienced liquidators and knowledgeable staff on hand assist buyers in every part of the estate sale process.

People interested in buying goods can get information on history, value, and importance of anything being sold. Plus, reputable estate sale companies will offer same day delivery services to customers buying large or bulky items such as furniture or art.

Most importantly, proper buyer services allows for a smooth flow of events in any estate sale. Communities of wholesale and seasoned buyers dedicate their weekends and free time to scouring estate sales. Some love being a part of someone’s history and others buy valuables to complete collections they already hold.

Estate Sale Companies Atlanta

There are many great estate sale companies in Georgia. Yet, Maple Street Estates is the premier estate sale company of the metro Atlanta area and surrounding countryside. This powerful husband and wife duo has been in the antique and hospitality business for over two decades. As a sales LLC, they are certified estate liquidators with an auctioneer’s license and years of experience.

Estate sales in Georgia are on the rise and the word is getting out. Contact Maple Street Estates now for the help you need.

Do you need to sell an estate or are you interesting in attended upcoming sales? With Maple Street Estate Sales’ expertise and commitment, a stressful, overwhelming process can be a pain free experience. What are you waiting for?