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Estate Sale Help: How to Prepare for the Day of Sale


Time is a precious thing. That’s why when you’re moving out of an estate property, it’s crucial to get professional estate sale help. This way, you don’t, well, lose your mind in the process.

Moving out of a home is one endeavor. Yet, clearing out a countryside farm, a suburban manor, or city mansion can be a full-time job.

Estate sale companies offer house liquidation services. Nevertheless, there are things as an estate homeowner you can do to make sure the day of your sale goes smoothly.  

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Decide what you will keep. DO NOT throw out items you do not want, as they could be worth money in an estate sale.

Don’t do it, don’t you dare throw out anything before having an estate liquidator appraise it and price it. One of the advantages about selling an estate is the money you can make from selling belongings you no longer have any need for. Estate sales are much bigger and more thrilling than your average yard sale.

You’d be surprised how many people will vie for your antiques, collectibles, or vintage goods. An estate sale company keeps a portion of the profits from your sale. Although, a much higher percentage of your valuables will be sold. All advertising and marketing are done by estate sale help.

We Protect You and Your Buyers 

Hide any personal items/everything you do not want sold in a secure place.

We all have personal documents and valuables in our home that only loved ones should see in case of emergencies. Estate sales can get hectic. Even though your estate sale company will monitor traffic and hold security, it is vital not to have anything out you do not want sold. Important items you should hide during your estate sale are listed below, but don’t limit yourself to this list.

  • Family recipe books or handwritten recipes
  • Anything your kids made for you that are precious to you
  • Diaries or journals
  • Social security cards, birth certificates, licenses, and passports
  • Medical bills and prescription drugs
  • Military documents
  • Family photos or albums
  • Pay stubs
  • Guns, work computers, audio equipment, or cameras
  • Anything with sensitive information

Make a list of potential hazards in the home. Give it to your estate sale help so they can make signs.

  • Are there any loose handles, steps, or tiles in the house?
  • Will someone bump their head or shoulder on a narrow doorway or low ceiling?

Don’t worry, they got this.

The amazing thing about estate sale help is, they do all of the stressful, annoying, dirty work for you. You do not even have to be home the day(s) of your estate sale. Everything is taken care for you by an expert real estate team of liquidators and their staff.

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Finding the right estate sale help will make you feel like royalty. Maple Street Estate Sales has exquisite seller services from a team of professionals. Unparalleled to the rest, Maple Street’s team goes above and beyond to provide all of the services below and more.

  • Free consultation
  • Pricing
  • Advertising/marketing
  • Staging
  • Selling
  • Clearing out of the home
  • Security

Are you feeling inspired? Contact Maple Street now to get started on your estate sale. What are you waiting for? The time is now.