Atlanta Estate Sales: The Key to the Best Antiques, Collectibles, and Vintage Goods


Have you ever wondered where you can find unique antiques, treasured collectibles, and beautiful vintage goods? Forget pawn shops and antique stores. Atlanta estate sales are the best place to find antiques, collectibles and vintage items as they’re sold straight from the estate without going through a middleman in the stores. The Georgia estate liquidators at Maple Street Estates host estate sales in Atlanta possibly holding the items that may complete your collection or change your life. In fact, you may find something you’ve always dreamed of and never thought it was possible.

Professional Estate Sales Atlanta, GA

Hands down, the most exciting part of estate liquidation is the “moving sale,” a.k.a., the estate sale. Forget simple yard sale patio furniture. Think bigger. Much bigger. Atlanta estate sales experts break down common terms for people new to certified estate sales.


This term is commonly misused. Professional dealers consider an antique any item that is 100 years or older than the year you buy or sell it. Looking for WW1 artifacts? An estate sale may possibly hold the treasure you’re looking for. Remember though, just because something is an antique, doesn’t necessarily mean it is worth a lot of money.


These are items, many times rare, which hold higher value than their original asking price, even with inflation. Therefore, a collectible is a token that is worth more now than what it was initially purchased or sold for in the market. Signed baseball cards, band t-shirts, and celebrity possessions are all common collectibles.


Considered much hipper and trendier than antiques, a vintage good is also something aged. Respectable vintage dealers consider anything vintage to be 20-99 years old. Once you cross the threshold into 100 years, it becomes an antique. Clothing, furniture, bags, and game consoles are usually the most sought-after vintage goods.

A few important notes:

  • An item can be an antique collectible or a vintage collectible, but not both. In other words, something is not considered antique or vintage; it is one or the other.
  • The condition and rarity of a collectible is the precedence for its value.
  • Be wary of repro pieces. Repro pieces are imitation; something made to look like an original item.

Certified Estate Sales Companies in Atlanta

A great way to think of buying something at an estate sale is you own a piece of someone else’s history. Many times, when estate homes and the owner’s belongings are sold, it is due to a death in the family. Other reasons include downsizing, divorce, and relocation. Because of this, valuable items that have been sitting inside a home for years are now displayed and ready to be purchased. Take advantage of an estate sale now before it ends.

When looking for estate sales to attend, always make sure the company holding it is credible and licensed. As a sales LLC, Maple Street Estates is the Atlanta area’s premier estate sales company. Serving the entire metro-Atlanta area including Alpharetta, Canton, Marietta, Sandy Springs, Stone Mountain, and more. Are you interesting in attending an Atlanta estate sale?

If you have any questions about our estate sales, contact our amazing team at Maple Street Estates any time. You could own a piece of history today.