Certified Estate Sale Experts Explain Atlanta Estate Sales



The business of estate sales is a pretty interesting endeavor. For a number of reasons, beautiful estate homes are sold every year. It is only right to give such a house the appropriate goodbye it deserves. Learn the ins and outs of the Atlanta estate sale process from certified estate sale experts at Maple Street Estates. Logistics and procedures involved with a large property are much different from selling a house or condo, therefore, it is best to leave the explaining to the professionals.

Certified Estate Sale Experts in Atlanta, GA

Also known as a tag sale or estate liquidation (depending on what part of the country you’re in), an estate sale is the formal process of selling off or liquidating an estate home and all of its items. Unlike many homeowners who decide to put their house on the market themselves, this is never the case when it comes to selling an estate. Can you imagine how overwhelming this would be?

A massive property, plus its accompanying land and high-priced valuables is a large project. With the help of an Atlanta estate sale company, furniture, vintage goods, and other items, are sold to the public. Luckily, estate sales can become quite the community event.

A number of causes can lead to someone selling an estate:


The death of a loved one is never easy, especially when an estate is left behind for relatives who don’t want it or can’t afford the upkeep. To give your loved ones’ items to best of care, you want to hire certified estate sale experts that can price them appropriately and showcase them in the way they’re meant to be seen.


This is another hard and stressful event to go through. Being forced to leave your home and sell off items dear to you and your family can be quite devastating. If you’re having an Atlanta estate sale due to a divorce, our certified estate sale experts can help you separate your items so the ones you want to sell are ready to go and any that you don’t sell and are not taking with you we can help you decide the best way to clear every item.


Whether a choice because your kids have grown up, or being forced to move because of financial trouble, moving out of an estate takes a lot of energy and patience so having estate sale experts handle your items can give you better peace of mind.


Did you or someone you love get a new job or a promotion? A new career or position can take up a lot of time, and selling a large estate is a job in itself. That’s why our certified estate sale experts are here to help you unload your home in a matter of days.

How Does the Day of an Estate Sale Go?

This is a common question, so let’s dive right in. First, items are cataloged and sorted as a walkthrough of the estate is done. After this, the home is staged so it looks pristine for future buyers. Certified estate sale companies such as Maple Street Estates have years of experience with all the steps of selling and liquidating an estate property. Read exactly what estate sale services are, here.

Most importantly, the team at Maple Street is on hand the entire day to make sure that large items can be easily sold and carried out.

Common Certified Estate Sale Etiquette Tips for Buyers

If you’re not the one hosting an estate sale but are instead coming to shop, it’s important to keep a few tips in mind.

A big and very exciting part of any estate sale is the selling of goods, but there is proper estate sale etiquette that anyone going to a sale should follow. Think of an estate sale as a very large, high-class yard sale.

Here are six common estate sale etiquette tips, which above all, emphasize to be respectful of others.

  • Do not rush or push others out of the day when the sale doors open.
  • Do not block others from entering.
  • Do not cut in line.
  • Do not grab at an item someone else is picking up.
  • Do not remove a “SOLD” sticker off an item.
  • Do not hide or hoard items you do not plan to buy.

Don’t be an estate sale jerk. Go. Have fun. See something different. Buy what usually is a very unique antiquity or simply something you’ve never owned before. Have a piece of someone else’s history. Learn something new. Are you interested in going to one of Maple Street’s upcoming Atlanta area estate sales? Check them out here and view our services.

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Estate Sale Companies Atlanta

On average, the time to settle an estate in Georgia is 12-18 months. We highly recommend getting the help of certified estate sale experts like our amazing team at Maple Street Estates. We know the respect and attention that estate sales need to be done right. Contact Maple Street Estates today to get the help and support you need for your Atlanta estate sale, whether you’re selling an estate or want to attend an estate sale.