Certified Estate Sales in Atlanta: Why Maple Street Estates is at the Top


There are many great Georgian estate sale companies. However, Maple Street Estate Sales in Atlanta creates an environment where sellers are stress-free, and buyers come back for more. Learn the secrets that allow our husband-and-wife power team to dominate the estate liquidation market with our certified estate sales in Atlanta.

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Many people think that the most important factor in a great estate sale company is a strong online and social media presence. This is very true. Yet, the question is, how do you get there? What qualities must be present for a person to trust that you not only know what you’re doing, but that you care about their home and their possessions as it were yours?


As the owners of Maple Street Estate Sales, we are a husband and wife duo. Therefore, when we stage and sell your estate items, we treat your estate as if it is our home. We host and sell off your belongings as if they are our belongings. There are several reasons as to why an estate property needs to be sold. A death, divorce, relocation, or downsizing are all common. Since we are family, we understand what families are going through. It is a lot of work selling an estate and its belongings. We will never make you feel alone because we are family too. Scared of running an estate sale? Check out our seller services here. You can read what our clients have to say about us.

Skilled Team and Crew

Certified, ensured, and experienced. What more can you ask for? We have a full background check and auctioneer estate certification license. There is a reason why people come back for more after they have been to one of our certified estate sales. We know how to have fun. Plus, we set reasonable prices at a client’s moving sale with respect to the owner and the person buying the items. Get a look at our customer reviews to see why people love our estate sales.

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Jewelry, furniture, fine art, and more. We are a team of people who care about your home and estate sale. Equally, we care what you buy from our estate sales and want to make sure your new purchases arrive at your home safely.

Whether you need to sell an estate, buy from an estate, or are looking to find treasures and collectibles, Maple Street Estates is the premier estate sale company.

View our featured upcoming sales online now. Estate sales in Atlanta mean beautiful farm acreage, elaborate homes and goods, with people who care about your needs as a seller or buyer. Working with us means working with family because we are a family.

For a free consultation or any other questions, contact Maple Street Estates any time. Atlanta and its surrounding countryside are a sight to be seen. See it with us by your side.