Estate Sales in Marietta, GA: Why you Need Estate Sale Experts



Estate sale experts are skilled in every aspect of advertising, staging, and selling your estate valuables. You’d be surprised how many details are crucial to properly handling estate sales in Marietta, GA. While it is common for people to market and sell items periodically at a yard sale, the same should not be true for selling an entire estate of belongings.

While some estate homes go up for sale simply due to a family relocating, many estate properties on the market result from bankruptcy, death of the owner, or divorces. In some cases, estates are handed down to family members who do not want or cannot take care of such a large property. Being given an estate is not always the fairytale that it seems to be- especially when it comes with a house full of belongings.

To have a successful estate sale in Marietta, GA, you want to contact the experts.

Professional Estate Sales


  • Do you know how to stage a home so that the items are eye-catching? Are you ready for the influx of people and buyers that may flood the property?
  • Do you know how to price goods? What do you do with the items that do not sell?

Professional estate sale experts know the answer to every one of these questions. Why? It is what they do best. This is their craft.

Certified Estate Sales in Marietta, GA

Marietta is home to beautiful and stunning estates. If you or a family member is ready to sell your estate and need to host a sale for all of your belongings, Maple Street Estate Sales can help. We are a certified estate sales company in Atlanta and the surrounding area. Our job is to take inventory of the items you wish to sell, price them so that you get the biggest profit, and stage them so they’re appealing and easily viewed by potential buyers.

We also bring the buyers to you. Our advertising brings in crowds ready to purchase your items so you can reap the benefits of a successful sale.

Experienced Staff and Crew

Looking at the mass amount of items in your home can be stress-inducing. That’s why we’re here to help. Our certified estate sale professionals in Marietta, GA are here to take charge and run the estate sale for you. An estate sale is a big event and like all big events, you should never have to handle it alone. Let an experienced estate sale company do the heavy lifting for you and manage your items, and buyers, so you can end the sale feeling successful.

Our estate clients know us best. Check out all of Maple Street Estate’s seller services here. How will the people who buy the belongings you’re selling get their new, large and heavy purchases to their homes? We know what it takes to successfully transfer what people buy from you to the new location. View our buyer services here.

Certified Estate Sales in Marietta, GA

Do you need to have an estate sale in Marietta, GA? Read through at our online resources such as our FAQ page for any lingering questions. We serve the entire Atlanta-metro area and surrounding countryside. Find out what sets us apart from other estate sale companies.

To find out about upcoming estate sales, click here. You can also contact the estate sales experts at Maple Street Estate Sales anytime.