How Maple Street Estates Provides Successful Farm Estate Sales


Country estates are incredible pieces of property, but the upkeep can be a full-time job. When a large amount of land and/or items are left behind, farm estate sales should always be handled by a licensed estate sale company. Usually, owners relocate to a smaller house or are too elderly to properly care for such a large estate. In other cases, the owner passes away and it is left to relatives.

Do you need to sell a farm estate and feel completely overwhelmed? You’re not alone, and Maple Street Estate Sales is here for you to make it a success.

Country and Farm Estate Sale Services


Your number one priority is finding a credible estate sales company who will drive to you. Our dedicated team at Maple Street Estates will be honored to drive two or three hours outside of Atlanta for large farm estates. Learning about the history of the land and property is what makes our job so exciting.


Advertising farm estate sales takes more than putting up notifications and signs around the area. Through various social media channels and our other networks, the word will get out about your amazing estate.


Properly placing furniture and other possessions in optimal lighting brings out the beauty each room has to offer. We know how to outline the hidden beauty in every item in your farm property and make it show-ready. In the days leading to your farm estate sale, our team will stage your home to maximize the flow of foot traffic. This means your most exquisite items are showcased the way they should be. We also provide tables and shelves to your belongings more visible while our glass cases display smaller items right at checkout.


You would not believe how many people show interest in buying beautiful items belonging to farm estates. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and not sure how to stage your estate or get the word out, at Maple Street Estate Sales we ensure that your farm estate sale is a success and people come from miles around. Get full details on our amazing seller services here.

Want to see how we handle similar estate sales in Atlanta and the surrounding areas? Check out pictures of our upcoming farm estate sales.

Estate Items

Having a local estate sales company that holds a large certified estate sale for you takes a big weight off. Properties such as farm estates are usually chock full of valuable items that can bring in a lot of customers. Tools, wooden tables, cast iron cookware, and the list goes on. Have you ever been to a country estate sale? Some of the best quality vintage goods and mid-century antiques are common gems at estate sales. Our buyer services cannot be beat.

Farm Estate Sale

If you’re selling a farm and need your estate items to go, you want an experienced estate sales company to manage it for you. Learn more about Maple Street Estates, a premier Atlanta estate sales LLC. Past clients have been extremely happy working with us. Plus, we have dedicated customers that keep coming back to our estate sales in Atlanta.

Still have lingering questions about farm estate sales or other local estate sales? You can look through our FAQ page or directly contact us at any time.

Don’t miss your chance to properly sell a beautiful piece of history today, along with all of its unique belongings.