Managing your Home Estate Sale with an Atlanta Estate Sales Company


Many people think they can sell their house and items all on their own. Well, with a very small house this is manageable, but what if your property qualifies as a home estate sale?

Think about it. How hard could it be to sell a half a million-dollar house? First, you spend time, and most always money, for advertising and marketing. After extensive research, you convince yourself you have acquired the knowledge to properly price your home for what it’s worth. In the midst of it all, you tell yourself you know what you’re doing and everything will be fine.

Next, you have to stage your home. Do you know anything about properly lighting different types of rooms? How will you position all of your furniture and items to highlight space? Are the belongings in each room going to appeal to your buyers? Nervousness sets in. Will you take everything with you when you move? When and how will you host a yard sale to get rid of belongings you don’t sell in your estate sale? What if you have high-priced items you need to get rid of?

Certified estate sales companies like Maple Street Estate Sales can help alleviate the stress of your home estate sale in multiple ways. Find out why it’s good as a home owner to work with them.

Certified Estate Sales

License and Title

Estate liquidators go through a different training process than real estate agents. Certified estate sales companies hold additional licenses and titles. For example, Maple Street Estates are licensed estate auctioneers. Therefore, they have the experience and skill to market, stage, and sell valuables on your estates such as farm or country estates. Take a look at their numerous seller services.

Estate liquidation is especially helpful when a property needs to be taken to probate court. A probate sale is done when an owner dies and has significant debt leftover. Are you a relative of someone who died with an estate property? The last thing you need is to handle this alone.


Any great estate sales company will have a personal network of wholesale buyers of estates and estate goods. Imagine the power of numerous online groups closely connected to licensed estate agents. The amazing team at Maple Street Estates has this power. Your home and possessions will be sold in no time.

Atlanta Estate Sale

Working with a company who has experience holding a home estate sale can guarantee that your valuable goods you need to sell will be expertly priced, displayed, and handled to buyers. With exceptional buyer services, Maple Street Estates knows how to draw a crowd and keep people coming back for more. Same day delivery services allow your precious belongings to be transferred to new owners with care.

Atlanta Estate Sales Company

Give your estate home the attention it deserves, while taking away stress from your busy life. Learn more about Maple Street Estates, the premier Atlanta estate sales LLC that is here for you. We promise to care for your home and belongings as if they are ours. Our past clients have been thrilled to work with us.

Still have lingering questions about home estate sales? You can search through our FAQ page or directly contact us at any time.