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A professional estate sale requires personalized attention and skill. In order to sell any large property’s valuables seamlessly, get the help of estate sale services from a licensed liquidator. Certified estate liquidators, like Maple Street Estates, hold a plethora of experience in advertising, staging, consultation, pricing and more. See why estate sales are in a whole other ballpark from your average garage or yard sale.

Certified Estate Sales- Estate Sale Services


Free of charge and with no obligations attached, we will come to you to set up an action plan. Our estate sale experts mainly handle metro Atlanta estate sales. Although, this never stops our dedicated team from traveling 2-3 hours into the countryside for large farm estate sales and other magnificent properties.


Being able to show off your valuables is an honor. Social media is just the start. Think bigger. Maple Street Estates has a very loyal buyer’s group who live for buying beautiful estate sales items.  Our bright, attention-grabbing signs could bring up to thousands of buyers to your property.


Now, the fun begins. With our estate sales experts’ guidance, each of your possessions will be put in the right lighting and position. Viewers will think they are walking through a museum, because that is what you deserve. Don’t worry about small details, because we have you covered. Metal polish, glass cases, shelving, and more, is all at your disposal through our vast collection of equipment.


Properly pricing value items and antiques takes more than industry experience. To get the most out of your earnings, our estate sales experts conduct extensive research. Time period, age, relativity, and more are all important in pricing an item just right.

Estate Sale Services- Day of Sale

Move over garage and yard sales. What may seem stressful is actually a wonderful, fun event that gives people a chance to buy pieces of your history. Managing parking, foot traffic, and the buying of goods is all taken care of for you. Buyers of your large or heavy items will be offered same day delivery services. This benefits the quickness of clearing out your estate, and the excited new owner of your possessions.

Estate Sales Experts

Only a professional estate sale company offers valuable estate sale services. Get the help you

deserve from the experienced estate liquidators at Maple Street Estates. Learn more about our services here, including Day of Sale Services and Post Sale Services. Or, for other questions, take a look at our FAQs page for additional info.

Contact the estate sale professionals at Maple Street Estates today, the premier Atlanta estate sales company. Why us? Unparalleled organization and dedication have left our customers happy and stress-free. Check out our reviews. You will learn about our fees and the percentage we accrue from working with your estate sale. Get the help and support for your Atlanta estate sale now.

Atlanta Estate Sales

Are you interesting in Maple Street Estate’s estate sale services? See why people rave about our events. There is never a dull moment in our estate sale business. Check them out here and learn about our awesome buyer services and information on attending one of our sales to buy unique items.