Successfully Stage Your Home with Our Certified Estate Sales Services



Selling an estate, let alone a home, is quite a process. The realization when you need to have your estate sale look beautiful and immaculate for items to sell quickly is an entire new level of responsibility and stress. Thankfully, certified estate sales services from reputable sale companies like Maple Street Estates are here to the rescue. Their team knows exactly what they are doing.

Atlanta Estate Sales Company

Staging an estate is a lot of work. Do it right. Learn how to successfully stage your large property with professional guidance from the estate sale experts at Maple Street Estates. Ready for their tips and tricks? Let’s get started.

Proper Staging of Items

Licensed estate sales companies provide equipment to make your valuables more appealing. For example, professional estate liquidators know how to group relevant items together in just the right way. Plus, antique and exquisite goods are placed in the proper light and location. Shelving, tables, glass cases for small valuables, and more are all at your disposal.

Cleaning and Polishing

Remember, shiny always sells better. Do you have high-quality cleaner for silver, gold, and other expensive items? The experts sure do! Are you sure you have all the necessities to make sure each of your beautiful possessions look their best? A certified estate sale company has everything you need for emergency cleaning and touching up.

Day of Sale

Without a doubt, this cannot be done correctly and stress-free without the help of professional liquidators. An estate sale can be quite an exciting event, but it is a lot of work and preparation. Pricing items correctly and making sure everything is handled in a smooth transition is a must for the day of your estate sale. Make your estate sale a memorable experience for people who purchase your valuables.

Staging Plan for the Big Day

No, you cannot possibly develop a proper staging plan by yourself. The right lighting, maximizing parking and foot traffic, and a hundred other things cannot be managed alone. For a large property, especially farm estate sales, it takes more than just one mindset or vision. Only with multiple sets of fresh eyes can a stage plan be carried out in its glory.

Estate Sale Experts

While Maple Street Estates is located in the Marietta/Roswell area, we service the Atlanta-metro area. Unlike other estate sale companies, our team members will travel 2-3 hours into the surrounding countryside to handle a large country estate sale. Visit our FAQs page for additional info.

Are you interesting in attending one of Maple Street Estate’s certified estate sales? See why people rave about our events. There is never a dull moment in our estate sale business. Check out our sales happening online here and learn about our buyer services.

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