Frequently Asked Questions


DO I NEED AN ESTATE SALE? People have many reasons for requiring an Atlanta estate sale: death of a loved one, estate inheritance, downsizing, work transfer, and/or divorce to name a few. Our certified estate sale experts would be happy to come and discuss your situation at no cost and with no obligation.

HOW LONG DOES THE PROCESS TAKE? We generally can have a house emptied from start to finish within 5-8 days. Larger professional estate sales may require an additional week due to longer setup time and extended pricing research.

DO I HAVE TO SELL EVERYTHING? No, of course not. Keep what you want , we will sell the rest. If an item cannot be moved from the property we will isolate it in an area that nobody will have access to.

WHAT IF I HAVE EXPENSIVE ITEMS? Expensive high-ticket items will attract buyers to your sale. As certified estate sale experts, we do extensive research ensuring that these items will not be undersold. If you choose to keep a minimum sale price for certain items we will not sell those particular items for less than your minimum requirement.

SHOULD I THROW JUNK AWAY? Do not throw anything away. Ones man’s trash is another man’s treasure. We will go through everything in your home, you will be shocked at what people buy. Also certain items that you might regard as ordinary may be highly collectable and possibly valuable.

HOW WILL THESE BIG ITEMS GET SOLD? Our Atlanta estate sales offer a same day in-house delivery service to our buyers for a minimal fee. We use this service as a selling tool and if necessary will include it in the purchase of larger higher priced items. This service proves effective in handling our buyers concerns over how to get large, bulky items relocated.

HOW DO YOU PREVENT THEFT? At Maple Street Estates, the safety and security of our customers possessions is one of our primary concerns. Prior to a sale we ensure that all jewelry and high dollar smaller items are relocated off property until the day of the sale. We funnel our customers in using 1 entrance and 1 exit (In most cases the entrance and exit are the same area). The entrance is guarded by a staff member and the exit is our checkout area. When needed we set up mobile wireless surveillance throughout the property. All valuables are located at the checkout area. All other doors and exits are locked and secured , there is always only 1 way out of our sales !! In the event of a massive sale with many high dollar items we will secure privately paid law enforcement to maintain a presence.

WHAT AREAS DO YOU SERVICE? We are located in the Marietta/Roswell area. However since we specialize in large property estate sales in Atlanta that include farms and country estates we will travel as far as 2-3 hours in every direction.

WILL PARKING BE A PROBLEM? Every property is different. Most Atlanta estate sales require that we place “parking this side only” signs. Sometimes we need to have a parking attendant to direct traffic. We are always courteous in regards to your neighbors and make sure that cones are placed in nearby driveways so customers do not block them.

WHAT ARE YOUR FEES? Maple Street Estates offers competitive industry standards with regards to fees normal for estate sales in Atlanta. We never charge a consultation fee and will never charge for our setup , pricing or sale running services. We strictly charge a percentage of the proceeds of the sale , their will never be any hidden fees.

WHAT HAPPENS AFTER THE SALE? We offer an optional cleanout service at a minimal fee. If you choose to use this service your property will be completely empty. If you decide to handle the cleanout yourself then we will give you numbers of donation facilities and estate leftover dealers that you can contact at no charge.