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Professional Estate Sales Advice: How to Tell if Your Items are Worth Selling


A professional estate sales team is skilled at more than selling large properties. They also have in depth knowledge and research skills to effectively price and sell expensive and rare goods. Do you plan on selling high-ticket items such as jewelry, art, or collectibles? It’s time to get help from a professional estate sale company.

Let Maple Street Estates show you how to spot when your family valuables are worth money and when to get help from an estate sale organizer. 

Estate Sale Experts Advice

If you answer “yes” to any of the questions below, it is time to work with professional estate sales services.

  • Are any items collectibles, or you think they might be?
  • Do you know for certain or think that any items are antiques or vintage goods?
  • Is any item made of natural materials like hardwood, cotton, silk, linen, wool, or gold? For example, are any shoes, clothes, or purses marked “100% leather” or have a “Leather upper” tag. The same goes for silk, linen, and other natural fibers.
  • Does anything have a woven tag, stamp, certified seal, or any distinctive markings?
  • Is any item steel or solid wood furniture and/or furniture frame?
  • Do you have a good amount of valuable inventory, but not a lot of time?
  • Are you looking for someone to manage all of the belongings you want to sell? This entails someone conducting a complete home inventory for you. Then your items will be priced, advertised and marketed, and sold. Also, a team will set up and clean up for you, plus do any heavy lifting such as transport or shipping.

Are you interested in spending time doing your own research first? Licensed estate sale professionals and liquidation experts suggest researching and analyzing items.

  • Go online or find books in your local library to read about the artist or designer who created the item.
  • Examine each item. Look at every clasp, prong, hook, and link for a dent, scratch, chip, and/or crack. Make a categorized list of which items are in poor, good, and great condition. Do any items have a strong possibility for longevity?
  • Spend time look for anything to certify the authenticity of any item, such as a certificate, manufacturing dates, or receipt.

Professional Estate Sales Companies

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