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Selling Your Estate: Inside Tips on How to Have a Successful Sale


Selling your estate home or business property is a big deal. No matter what the circumstance is, work with an estate sale company to liquidate your personal property and other assets for you.

Estate sale companies completely take control of the entire process: advertising, staging, pricing, and the estate sale or auction. There is a lot that goes into effectively selling your estate property, and a successful estate sale is a huge part of it.

Learn some important inside tips from the estate liquidators at Maple Street Estates on how to have a profitable estate home sale.

Professional Estate Sales – Selling Your Estate

Selling your estate should be a priority.

Think about every day that goes by, when you continue to own a house, you don’t want. Especially very cold or hot months, how much money will you throw away in one week’s time for heating or air conditioning?

Selling your estate as soon as you can avoids wasting your hard-earned money. Waiting too long to sell your estate may result in overlooking important details to speed the process up. Don’t you want to be free of all of those items you no longer need? Wouldn’t it be nice to give them all a loving home? The sooner you sell your estate, the sooner you can sell everything you don’t need in an estate sale.

Secure your property against burglars.

Estate liquidation can take time, depending on the size and number of belongings you want to get rid of. Vacant houses can be a vandal magnet. Make sure you have appropriate home owner’s insurance.

Regularly get the mail and always keep the property locked, (or change the locks). Wooden rods are inexpensive and easy to put in every windowsill and sliding door. The last thing you need the day of your estate sale is a broken into estate with nothing to sell!

Keep important documents in one folder.

Of course, vital property documents such as titles or licenses should be in one folder or file. Although, anything connected to items you are selling should also be kept in one place. Stamps of certification, receipts, or other documents can prove monetary value or validity of antiques, collectibles, or vintage goods.

Maybe there are no documents, and that’s okay. Nevertheless, it is beneficial to go through all papers when selling your estate and categorize any important documents.

Estate Liquidation Services

What may be a difficult time for you and your family can easily turn into a huge burden lifted from you. Atlanta’s leading estate sale company, Maple Street Estates, offers premier estate liquidation services that benefit both the buyer and seller.

Selling your estate requires the professional help from skilled property liquidators, not real estate agents. Did you know that estate liquidators are also licensed auctioneers? They highly recommend selling your items in an estate sale.

In fact, any great estate liquidator will have priced everything correctly based on extensive research, including current market conditions. The team at Maple Street Estates will ensure that basic home preparations are done before the day of your sale. In addition, all security, questions, payments, traffic control, and delivery of large or bulky items will be taken care of.

Contact Maple Street Estates for expert help on selling your estate. They will completely the the reins on your estate sale.