FREE NO OBLIGATION CONSULTATION : Once you have decided that an estate sale is your best option , we will schedule an appointment to view your property , answer any questions and discuss our plan of action.

STAGING : The initial phase of our estate sale procedure is the setting up of your house. We move furniture and display items throughout the house. The reason we move furniture is to seamlessly maximize the flow of traffic though your house and ensure that the most exquisite items are properly showcased. We bring in tables and shelving so that we can make all your collectables visible and therefore more appealing to our customers.

PRICING : Once the house has been properly staged our pricing crew meticulously goes floor to floor tagging every single item. We do endless research with regards to unique and high dollar items ensuring that they are not undersold. We stage jewelry and small valuables in glass cases that will be located in the checkout area , and of course price every individual piece.

SALE DAY : We funnel traffic to the sale by utilizing numerous eye catching street signs that are strategically placed in busy intersections and heavy traffic areas. We are always overstaffed when we open a sale and make sure that our crew is on hand to assist customers with moving heavy items and also giving informed advice regarding item provenance and history. We conveniently offer numerous ways for our customers to purchase items and never charge any additional fees for processing credit cards. Our on-site same day delivery options ensure that our customers can purchase large bulky items (furniture , statues etc) with the assurance that they wont have any problems having them relocated.

POST SALE : In addition to bulk buyers and wholesalers who come in towards the completion of our sales we also offer an optional cleanout service that will leave your house completely empty. We also provide numbers of donation facilities if you choose to handle the final cleanout yourself.