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Shop Estate Sales in Alpharetta, GA to Start Selling Your Own Vintage


Selling vintage apparel is a fun way to make money. Everything you sell will have a unique history and story that you get to pass onto someone else. Estate sales in Alpharetta, GA are at the heart of finding interesting and rare valuables in the Atlanta area.

Depending on how much time you invest into buying vintage goods and the assortment that you have will depend on your success. It’s a journey full of history, travel, new connections, and definite coolness.

What sells? What doesn’t? Get the scoop from the estate liquidators at Maple Street Estates on strategies to becoming a successful vintage seller from shopping estate sales.

Estate sales in Alpharetta, GA: Keep history and southern charm thriving.

Shopping estate sales in Alpharetta, GA allows you to purchase quality goods right from the source. Why? Many estates that go up for liquidation are due to a death in the family. Therefore, the heir sells the estate. Other cases involve a divorce. Being forced to downsize or inability to care for such a large property is another common reason for estates going up for sale.

Usually, one or more party is forced to get rid of belongings they cannot take care of or keep. There are instances where owners sell things they no longer want. Although, in many cases, items that go up for sale are things that owners can no longer keep.

People will pay a lot of money for valuables with southern charm in good condition with an interesting history. Many heirs sell items or collections that they do not want to keep in the family.

Buying vintage goods is comforting to people because it may remind them of older relatives or their ancestors.

Know what to buy and what not to buy at estate sales in Georgia.

  • Be consistent and go to estate sales as often as you can.
  • Know which ones to go to: Not every estate sale or auction is a bundle of treasures. Always look at featured sales online, any modified listed information, or pictures added. Make a list of items you intend to buy before going to the sale; know what you are looking for.
  • If possible, go to every day of the sale, as items can be marked down.
  • Always be on the lookout for new inventory or something you’ve never seen before.
  • Make a plan: get to estate sales as soon as they open on the first day. If going to multiple sales on the same day, make a time schedule.
  • Notice everything: Make sure to check every room and area available including the basement, barn, or carriage house. Look under furniture and in nooks and crannies of rooms. Peer behind any pictures or art for signatures or writing.
  • Bring a magnifying glass, measuring tape, a flashlight, folding reusable bags, and wet wipes with you.
  • Only go to sales of reputable estate sale companies.
  • Estate sales last days. Write down the hours of each day and when it ends.
  • Look for estate sales in communities with large populations of elderly/retired people.

Do your own research before shopping professional estate sales.

Do not just buy everything you see and can afford. Think to yourself, “Is this worth buying? Can I sell this? Would someone want this?”

It’s important to know what you are buying by learning as much as you can. Learn the history of an item or the story behind it. Learn the different famous brands in each decade. Plus, research popular clothing, toy, and game trends of different decades.

Essentially, your knowledge of what you sell will build your credibility as a seller. People will buy from you because they know they can trust you and your instincts. You can create quite the following.

Shop estate sales in Alpharetta, GA to turn secondhand goods into something new.

Are you an artist or creative person? Do you have a sewing machine, a laser sketcher, a saw, paint, or other similar supplies?

Estate sales or online auctions hold many unfinished projects or items needing repair. If you have always wanted to repurpose things or create DIY projects to sell, estate sales are a great place to start to shop sustainably.

Estate Sales in Alpharetta, GA

Have you been forced to find a new job or career path? Are you willing to try something new in the meantime to make money? Do you simply want to invest in a new hobby to make extra cash? Well, the adventure of selling vintage goods never gets boring.

You will always learn something new or find something different than before, especially at estate sales.

Contact the premier estate sale company of the Atlanta area, Maple Street Estates.  Their skilled team and staff always stay up to date on estate sales in Alpharetta, GA and other surrounding areas.

Their dedication to helping estate sellers has created a community of loyal customers who flock to their estate sales.  What are you waiting for? Start a new adventure today.

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