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Tips for Shopping an Estate Sale in Atlanta

Tips for Shopping an Estate Sale in Atlanta

Are you ready to break into the word of estate sales? Do you consider yourself an experienced estate sale enthusiast, but are looking for some fresh tips? Attending an estate sale in Atlanta gives you a high chance of finding some hidden Southern treasures.

The Atlanta area is sprinkled with exquisite urban mansions. Plus, Georgia is covered in miles of beautiful countryside. Residents of estate homes and properties decide or are forced to relocate or downsize for a number of reasons. What does this mean for everyone else? Collections of antique, vintage, and collectible goods go up for sale every week.

Let’s explore some important things to remember when going to an estate sale in Atlanta.

Atlanta Estate Sale Tips

  1. Make a list of upcoming Atlanta estate sales near you.

If there is more than one sale on the same day, map out your course! Using numbers, list the importance of each sale or the order in which you will visit them. Think of the hours each sale starts, proximity to your house, and what you intend to buy at each one.

  1. Create your “Wish List.”

Write down specific descriptions of items you are interested in. Take pictures with your cell phone of anything listed online. Most importantly, do research on anything you intend to buy that is antique, vintage, or a collectible. Know what you’re buying and its worth.

  1. Arrive early.

If this means setting an alarm for your Saturday morning, then do so. The early bird gets the worm! If possible, ask the crew exactly where certain items will be so you can get to them fast. Also, you never know what you will find. Leave time to browse around. Make sure you search every room available that is not closed off.

  1. Be friendly and respectful.

Social networks of estate sales can become tight-knit groups who look out for each other.  Similarly, be respectful of others. If there is something you do not want but know someone else is looking for, let them know. Treat the home and property as if it were your own.

Estate Sales Services

  1. Be prepared for anything.

Wear comfortable clothes to bend down and move around in. Are you going there in search of clothes? Keep this in mind. You never know how crowded the estate sale could be. Especially with an estate sale in Atlanta, many people come in search of items with Southern charm. Bring your listed items, map of sales, and always bring a pen for notes. Also, bring water, a snack or small meal along. Some other vital things to do or have with you:

  • Measuring tape
  • Measurements of each room in your house
  • Magnifying glass or loupe to inspect jewelry or other trinkets
  • Ropes for your car in case you intend to buy bigger items
  • Other means of getting large or bulky items to your home

Any great estate sale company will provide estate sale features such as same day delivery services.

It’s crucial to find a professional estate sales company with buyer and seller services. This shows they have the skill and know-how to not only market, stage, and sell an estate property, but attract people to their Atlanta estate sales.

Estate Sale Companies Atlanta

Are you looking for real wooden furniture or high-quality steel kitchen appliances? You never know what treasures are waiting for you at an estate sale in Atlanta.

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