How a Home Estate Sale is King of Garage Sales


Picture it now: the excitement of carousing through pure wooden picture frames and adorned glass vases. It’s a thrill to spend next to nothing on antiques, isn’t it? What if you, stepped it up a notch? Imagine yourself in a magnificent home estate sale filled with paintings, gold, silver, and more. Stimulate your senses. Experience something new. View something unique. If you’ve never gone to a Maple Street Estates Atlanta home estate sale, well, they are quite special. Learn what sets estate sales apart from your average garage or yard sale.


Have you ever driven past a home estate sale property for sale and thought, “What happens to that beautiful property and all of that family’s valuables?” Many times, an estate goes to probate court, where it is decided how the home and goods will be sold (probate sale). In other cases, the owners work with a reputable estate liquidator. Maple Street Estates is a certified estate liquidator in the Atlanta area.

When estate homes go up for sale, there are different reasons as to why. Sometimes there is a death in the family, a move, or a difficult divorce. Therefore, many times the house and personal valuables no longer have a purpose for the owners.

The Atlanta-metro area and surrounding towns have countless properties that go up for liquidation, including any valuables the owners do not have a need for. Will you? Probably.

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What if you had the chance to buy a piece of history, or a hard-to-find good? This is what a home estate sale is. Rather than simply throwing out one man’s trash, it becomes another man’s treasure. Certified estate sales can turn into a fun community affair. Antique and other historical items could be yours.

Could they go into a museum? Of course.

Are they placed in a library? Sometimes.

What if you bought it? Now, there’s an idea.


Among deciding to buy the estate itself, if this isn’t something you are interested in, buying items is always a fun experience.


Buying high-quality items at a certified estate sale means better prices, without a doubt.


Home décor, books, and more. Furniture and paintings galore. What else could you ask for?


While the general public can come to buy estate sale goods, there is a certain intimacy in being in someone’s home and buying a piece of their life.


Are you interested in buying a large or heavy item and don’t know how you will get it home? Licensed estate liquidation companies like Maple Street Estates have experienced staff on hand and at your complete availability. They will help with the purchasing and delivery of your new goods.

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Welcome to the next level of estate sale experts, estate liquidators.

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