How to Hold and Shop a Jewelry Estate Sale


Have you acquired an estate and need to sell big-ticket items like fine jewelry? Looking to purchase vintage mother of pearl, silver or 18 kt yellow gold? A jewelry estate sale is the answer to both of these situations. Working with a certified estate sale company like Maple Street Estates is a must for properly selling goods, especially expensive items.

Sell Vintage Jewelry

Jewelry is one of the big-ticket items at estate sales in Atlanta. It may seem easy to prepare jewelry to sell, but there is a lot more that goes into it. Catching a buyer’s attention is more than just using a jewelry cloth or cleaner. Working with certified estate liquidators gives you full advantage.

  • Your jewelry will be made to look sparkling and pristine to buyers with advanced cleaning, even sterling silver pieces.
  • All items are placed in a certain position and light to showcase each individual piece.
  • Prices are set using specific research regarding each item’s age and rarity.
  • High ticket items like diamond engagement rings, wedding bands, rose gold, or other pieces will be handled with superior care.
  • More than just estate diamond bracelets, cocktail rings, or 14 kt yellow gold pendant necklaces, are the stories behind them. Explain and highlight any unique history or story behind each item. Buyers sometimes buy jewelry at estate sales to own a piece of someone’s history since it is firsthand.

Experts such as the team at Maple Street Estates are skilled estate sale liquidators. They are professionals at hosting jewelry estate sales and take exceptional care of your belongings as if each item were theirs. Their craft is knowing exactly how to advertise, stage, price, and sell valuable belongings left over from estate sales. Read further about our seller services.

Buy Jewelry at Certified Estate Sales

Going to a jewelry estate sale might just be the missing adventure your life needs right now. Whether you’re looking for art deco or art nouveau, estate jewelry sales could be where it’s at. Here are three quick tips for holding your own at any estate jewelry sale.

  1. Do your research before going.

Always read up on collectible, antique, and vintage jewelry before buying. Checkpoint to you if you can bring someone along that is experienced in buying antique jewelry. For example, if it’s old, it should look its age. While spotting a knock-off comes with experience, it will be obvious if something is supposed to be over 100 years old. For instance, if a 200-year-old diamond ring is still completely unspoiled, this is a red flag.

  1. Inspect the jewelry from every angle cautiously.

 Carefully check prongs, any stamps or marks of a logo or brand, chips, and cracks. If you CAN bargain, do it. Don’t forget pricing. Be familiar with it for a piece you’re searching for. An item priced extremely low, is either too good to be true or there is a reason for it.

  1. Think before buying something. Is it something you really want or has value to you?

It is easy to get caught up in the excitement of buying something from an estate sale.

This tip is especially important for buyers who are planning to resell items in their pawn shop. Buy an item or style that is currently popular, not what you personally like. If you sell it back to the public, it has to be something of current value.

For more on jewelry estate sale services and other estate sale services for buyers, check out our buyer page here.

Jewelry Estate Sales Near Me

Maple Street Estate Sales serves Atlanta and the surrounding countryside. Past clients have been very happy working with us for their jewelry estate sale. Plus, we have dedicated customers that keep coming back to our estate sales to buy jewelry.

It is time to work with a premier sales company for your jewelry estate sale. Still have lingering questions? You can look through our FAQ page or directly contact us at any time.