How to Prepare for Your Atlanta Estate Sale



If you are downsizing, relocating or taking your life in a new direction, you may be considering hosting an estate sale. And while it is a fantastic way to offload your belongings before your move and make a little extra money, it can also be quite the stressful undertaking. Between sorting pricing, organizing and selling, there are many steps involved in the process that can make it burdensome. If you are interested in having an Atlanta estate sale, the experts at Maple Street Estate Sales will help you prepare to maximize your profits and ensure your success.

Organizing Your Items

After a free consultation where we create a plan of action for your Atlanta estate sale, our team will work with you to sort through your belongings to determine what is worth selling. If you know there are certain collectibles you are not willing to part with, be sure to set those aside.

It is crucial that you do not throw anything away, as belongings that you deem to be trash could be valuable in the eyes of a buyer or collector. As we go through this process, we will categorize the items for your Atlanta estate sale into sections including antiques, collectibles, jewelry, furniture, vehicles and so on. Doing this will help us to stage your home later so exquisite and higher-ticket items are displayed properly.

Pricing Your Belongings

Our team of highly trained estate sale experts will utilize their extensive knowledge and industry experience to price your collectibles for your Atlanta estate sale. They will conduct extensive research and utilize fair market pricing to ensure you are getting the highest possible earnings out if your items. We will also work with you to establish minimums for select pieces of your choosing.

During this process, it is important to know the difference between monetary value and emotional value. Whether it is a collectible from your childhood or an item belonging to a loved one, sometimes our attachments to these pieces can inflate our ideas about their actual worth. While this is understandable, keep in mind that you are also working to make a profit from your Atlanta estate sale.

Portable Storage Solutions

Once the pricing process is complete, our staff will begin staging your home for your Atlanta estate sale. While we will handle all aspects of staging, we recommend that you find temporary storage solutions for the belongings that will not be included in the sale. Along with preventing these items from getting mixed in with the estate sale, the more space our team has to stage your home, the more esthetically pleasing we can make your collectibles. This helps to increase your chances for a successful sale. With portable storage solutions, you can easily stow your items until the estate sale is over.

Atlanta Estate Sale: After the Sale

Once your Atlanta estate sale is complete, it is likely there will be leftover items that did not sell. While this is quite common, you will need to figure out what you would like to do with these belongings. If you are interested in donating them, we will provide you with the numbers of donation facilities we work with. For those collectibles of a higher value that previously belonged to your loved ones, you may want to find permanent storage like a safety deposit box so you can still have access to them.

Our Experts Will Assist You with All of Your Estate Sale Needs

Running an Atlanta estate sale can be a complex and complicated task. The experts at Maple Street Estate Sales will employ their comprehensive services and easy selling process to get your belongings sold within seven days. Contact us today to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation.

At Maple Street Estate Sales, we work hard so you do not have to lift a finger.