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What are Estate Liquidators and How Can they Help You?


Estate liquidators are the fairy godmothers and godfathers of estate sales. Estate liquidation focuses on the complete estate buyout and selling of an estate home and adjoining land.

Who are the people behind an estate sale? Find out exactly what an estate liquidator is and does, and how their services can help you.

What are Estate Liquidators?

An estate sale professional (estate liquidator) is certified and licensed to assess, price, advertise, stage, and sell estate properties. In addition, estate liquidators are experienced at pricing valuables the owner doesn’t want and hosting estate sales to sell the belongings.

Whether a farm manor with a large amount of land, or a stunning urban mansion, care and attention always needs to highlight beauty and worth to potential buyers with our Atlanta estate sales. Look for estate sale companies with accredited estate liquidators. For example, in Georgia, Atlanta estate sales professionals will be licensed under the Georgia Real Estate Commission (GREC) and Appraiser’s Board.

In most cases with the selling of an estate, the owners pass away or need to move into assisted living. Similarly, estates are often left for loved ones to clear out and don’t have the first clue about selling such a large property. Can you imagine being entrusted with an estate and all of the contents inside? Talk about overwhelming. Estate liquidators and their team do all of the messy, stressful tasks for you.

What do Atlanta Estate Sale Liquidators Do?

  • First, your estate and items are appraised and priced for sale using market price expertise. Great estate liquidators know how to properly price auction items. Buyers will get a deal, but also allow clients will make a worthy profit.
  • Second, your estate will be cleaned and staged. Furniture and other belongings will be positioned and placed in the right light and angle to showcase the beauty of each room.
  • Third, a good estate liquidator has a solid network of wholesale buyers. Plus, estate sale companies have the SEO know-how to generate a strong social media following that brings people to estate sales.
  • Now, it is time for the fun part, the auction. Estate sale companies have a skilled crew to handle parking, the flow of traffic, and getting purchased goods to their new homes. You don’t have to worry about your large or heavy valuables because their crew will make sure they are transported safely. Most importantly, all items will be recorded, categorized, and itemized for taxes.
  • Finally, items that weren’t able to be sold will also be taken care of for you.

In short, estate sale professionals take care of all of the “moving parts” and “odds and ends” of the sale.

Atlanta Estate Sale- Estate Liquidators Near Me

Proper appraisal, pricing, marketing, staging, selling off of an estate home needs the magic touch. Work with an estate sale company who knows the ins and outs of the real estate and estate sale business.

The expert team of estate liquidators at Maple Street Estates has been in the antique and hospitality industry for over 20 years.

If you are interested in moving into a large estate house, check out upcoming sales. Are you looking to purchase antique and vintage items such as fine art, jewelry, or furniture from an Atlanta estate sale?

Contact Maple Street Estates to get started on selling or buying an estate property.