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What Do Atlanta Estate Sale Companies Do?


Estate sale companies throughout the country have a crucial job: to highlight how each home’s belongings they sell are unique treasures for new buyers so the seller will have an empty home ready for their next adventure. Atlanta estate sale companies love showing off the obvious (and hidden) Southern charm of estate homes.

Enchanting farm manors, captivating suburban castles, and unique city mansions, along with the valuables inside, do not sell themselves. The hard-working people behind the scenes are professional estate liquidators from certified estate sales companies. Find out exactly what they do and why you need them for your estate sale.

Home Estate Sale

Professional estate sale liquidators have many different hats. There are different tasks to take care of before and after a sale itself that need attending to. Below is everything that estate liquidation companies have the experience and know-how to do, so you don’t have to do it yourself.

  1. Consultation

This is where an “action plan” is created by you and the estate sale company. It’s here that any lingering questions can be answered. Plus, the conversation will begin about what items you are looking to sell or get rid of.

  1. Organization

This is the complete cataloging of all items you wish to sell in your estate sale. Every item is placed in a group: collectibles, antiques, vintage goods. Bigger categories include furniture, art, vehicles, clothing, home goods, and more.

  1. Staging

Each room will be carefully looked at to place all its items in the best light and angle for future buyers. You may think that you know what will highlight the space and light best, but certainly not like a professional liquidator. Remember, your home will also be staged in way to maximize foot traffic and wear and tear.

  1. Pricing

Estate liquidators conduct extensive research and have information and connections to give them fair and current market pricing. Each of your belongings is ticketed and prepared to sell. Every item is cleaned, polished, or washed to display its natural beauty and worth.

  1. Marketing

Professional estate liquidators contact members of wholesale buyer networks and seasoned customers first before your sale goes public. Don’t forget about signs, social media advertisements, and other notifications liquidators create specifically for your sale.

Estate Sale Services

In laymen’s terms, Atlanta estate sale companies do a complete liquidation of your house, (selling any belongings you do not want). Hint: find a company with exceptional day of sale services.

  • Have a full staff and crew to take care of parking and security
  • Attend to and advise buyers on the details of items they are interested in buying
  • Complete all transactions for you
  • Offer same day delivery services
  • Create controlled exists and checkouts to monitor the flow of traffic
  • Option for surveillance and law enforcement presence
  • Cleanout services (additional fee)

Atlanta Estate Sales Companies

Are you looking to work with a reputable and licensed estate sale company in the metro Atlanta area?  Maple Street Estates is a certified sales LLC. Their estate liquidators have over ten years’ experience in the antiques and hospitality industry.

Contact our team now to get started on your free consultation for your estate sale today.

Atlanta estate sale companies like Maple Street Estates want you to have a piece of Southern history and pride. Are you interested in attending upcoming sales? They can become quite the event.

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