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What Does an Estate Liquidation Company Do?


An estate liquidation company is just what you need when having to sell an estate and all the belongings inside it. Whether you’ve been bequeathed an estate, or you are the owner and moving, it’s time to get help from the professionals.

Local estate sale services will take out all of the stress of this enormous task. Think of estate liquidators as your fairy godmothers in the process. Cars, tools, furniture, clothing, dishes; all of the items you want to get rid of, will be gone in a poof. If you want to liquidate an entire house or business property, then it’s time to get help from the experts.

Professional Estate Sales

Why hire an estate liquidation company?

  • Selling an estate and all its valuables is much more complex than selling a home and hosting a yard sale.
  • Estate liquidators have industry knowledge to properly market, advertise, and stage the property to sell.
  • A loyal network of customers is notified through email subscription, various social media channels and other means.
  • Upcoming sales are posted on company websites that are searchable nationwide.
  • Experience with antiques, collectibles, and vintage goods allows liquidators to properly price, clean or polish, and stage belongings to be sold.
  • Liquidation companies have a complete staff of people to handle security, parking, and crowd control.

What services are offered by an estate sale company?

  • Find an estate liquidation company that offers a free consultation.
  • Organizing and pricing of all items you intend to sell and get rid of
  • Staging of the entire property
  • Marketing and advertising the home to future buyers
  • Hosting of estate sale, including security, parking, traffic control, and delivery of large or heavy items
  • Post-sale clean-out of estate and donation of items is available (extra charge)

How do estate sales work?

  • Estate sale companies completely take over the selling of an estate.
  • The estate sale takes place throughout the entire property over 2-3 days and is open to the public.
  • On the day of the estate sale, every factor is carefully monitored by a team of people. Questions about sale items, payment, and delivery of large or bulky items are taken care of. In fact, owners don’t even have to be present!
  • All items not sold will be disposed of for you. A complete house cleaning can also be done at an extra cost.
  • The estate liquidation company takes a fee of the profits from the estate sale and property sale.

Estate Liquidators

How are estate liquidators different from real estate agents?

  • Any great estate liquidator will have experience in antiques and a strong background in the liquidation industry.
  • Specifically, estate liquidators are licensed auctioneers.
  • Work with a company that is an LLC (limited liability company).
  • Professional liquidators have the skill to handle large properties such as countryside and farm estates.

How do I calculate the fees taken from an estate liquidation company?

The percentage taken from an estate sale company depends on many factors. The size of the property, profits from the estate sale, and other details are all taken into consideration.

All in all, the services completed for clients by an estate sale company completely trumps any fees required. For premier estate liquidation services in and around the Atlanta area, contact Maple Street Estates. Their team services estates from big city mansions, to rural estate properties.