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Why You Should Shop Farm Estate Sales in Atlanta

Old items in farm estate sales

The question is, why wouldn’t you shop a farm estate sale? Have you ever been wowed by the vast array of unique items at the farm estate sales Atlanta has to offer? Miles of Georgia countryside are home to stunning mid-century farms drowning in southern history and charm. Think about everything farm owners collect over the decades.

When these farm properties go up for auction or sale, imagine all of the antiques and vintage goods inside them that could be yours? Let’s learn exactly why you should shop Atlanta estate sales, but more specifically, farm estate sales in Atlanta.


Farm Estate Sales Atlanta

When the owner(s) of a farm estate die(s), the remaining family and/or the state itself handles the complete liquidation of the property, including all belongings. Similarly, it is common for farm owners to no longer want to manage their farm. One reason could be the farm is dilapidating and they don’t want to spend the money in fixing repairs. Maybe the kids have grown up and the owners don’t need all of the space. Therefore, farm owners work with a professional estate sales company to sell the property. Many owners decide to sell most or all of their items due to downsizing.

Nothing is promised to be found at farm estate sales in Atlanta. Although, below are common items that have been found at many sales in the surrounding Atlanta countryside areas.

  • Hand carved tools made of wood, stainless steel, or other valuable metals
  • High-quality or rare farm equipment
  • Wooden picture frames
  • Hard to find pictures of the local area
  • Hard to find wooden furniture, many times hand-carved
  • Oil lanterns
  • Hand-carved metal candlesticks
  • Horse or other farm animal equipment
  • Unused animal feed or other supplies
  • Cast iron cookware
  • Regionally or locally made historical artifacts

The most exciting part about attending a farm estate sale is getting to explore the farm itself. Typically, estate sales last a few days, so get there on the first day to view the most options. Although, returning on the last day you may find some discounted bargains. Don’t leave any room unturned! Always check any barns, basements, stables, or hidden corners for treasures.


Atlanta Area Estate Sales

Atlanta estate sale companies such as Maple Street Estates offer premier estate sale buyer services from the very beginning. Estate liquidators are experienced in pricing antiques, collectibles, and vintage goods. Their main goal is to yield a profit for the owner, but also be a reasonable price for the buyer.

Check out upcoming sales or featured sales listed online with the hours and days of sale. One important tip: ask about being notified of privately listed sales. This isn’t a weekly occurrence, but they occasionally happen.

Contact Maple Street Estates at any time for free estate sale notifications or other questions.

Do something different this year. Or, if you’ve already shopped farm estate sales, don’t stop now. You never know what you could find or what adventure awaits. It’s time to step up your shopping game, farm estate sales Atlanta style.